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Inmate Source provides you with all the necessary resources you need to successfully complete your inmate lookup. Our database contains some of the most important state wide inmate resources you’ll need to start your search. The internet offers thousands of ways to find personal information, whether it’s a background check on a close relative or an inmate search located anywhere in America. With our outbound links, you’ll be able to retrieve general inmates information, find out how to get calls from inmates, how to send money packages and messages to an inmate, or simply find your inmates contact information.

We understand how important it is that you find who your looking for, therefore we offer two different options when trying to find your inmate. To get a background report on a particular person, you can choose to use the paid search which could vary from $1 – $30 dollars. The other more popular method to find an inmate is to use the government database of a particular state to get accurate results and information about your inmate. These services are always free but require the correct information.

Knowing Different Types of Incarceration Facilities

To date, there are many types of incarcerated facilities. An inmate can be housed in a federal and even a state prison. Individuals who did less serious offenses are typically put in a local or state city jail. These are persons who committed petty crimes such as misdemeanor offenses like stealing and the like. It is with this regard that those persons will simply serve just a short term sentence. Apart from that, there are also community corrections where they can render their punishment and they may even be in house arrest. For other offenders, they are situated in accordance to the offense. For instance, if they are dangerous criminals, they are jailed inside supermax facilities. However, for the non violent ones, it can range from minimum to maximum security prisons.

Typically, most states and even cities have their own prisons in order to confine these individuals. As a definition, prison is a facility for holding convicted offenders. These are individuals who would be sentenced for more than a year. Offenders who are just awaiting trial or those with petty crimes are housed inside county jails. It is no wonder that most states have at least one jail facility in order to meet this kind of concern. Offenders are then stayed there from 72 business hours to five days or until the inmate is summoned and even transferred.

There are also a few states that have their own unified system. This is a jail that is mainly operated by the state itself. Federal government also has detention centers situated in urban area and even near to courthouses. This is where most criminal defendants are housed when they tend to appear in the federal court.
The thing about county jails and local prisons is that the offenders are normally not categorized and even more separated. Regardless of crime, inmates are just mixed in. however, those with close security facilities tend to segregate the prisoners from each other. This is in order to prevent prisoner violence and even more decrease possible security breach and more crimes in the process. Examples of such prisons are Cook Country Jail in Chicago. In here this has eleven divisions with a medical unit and units for female inmates.

Different Prison Term Duration

Have you ever questioned how long a typical inmate serves his sentence? Or perhaps would you like to know for the sake of information just how long it will take in accordance to an offense? If your answers in these queries are yes, then you are in the right page.

Typically the number of days and the length of the sentence would depend on the judge. The length of the term would then depend on various factors that can affect and even influence to such. To name a few would be the type of the crime, the severity of the crime committed and also the guideline of the federal and the state court. Aside from that there are also other factors that can contribute to the sentence such as the criminal record and of course the discretion of the presiding judge.
Do take note that because of these factors and also the intensity of it, such sentences may be different in accordance to the state and also the system. However, most of the convicted criminals tend to plea. This is called a plea bargain. As such this is an agreement made between the defense and the prosecutor that the individual shall plead guilty in order to acquire a much lesser sentence in the end. No wonder that some are given life sentences with or without a possibility of a parole. Yet, there are some unlucky ones who can’t be able to avail of such since they would be given the death penalty sentence. It is with this regard that death row inmates are typically kept in close watch in prison until their day of execution.

There are many legislatures that tend to reduce the discretion of sentencing the process and even the determination of the sentence condition. Determinate sentencing with mandatory minimums and more so guidelines based sentencing continue to then remove the human element from sentencing. This is in order to avoid biases and even subjective outputs. Apart from that they tend to toss away the inclusion of a judge’s prerogative to consider the extenuating and even mitigating circumstances of a crime in which in return would determine the appropriate length of the sentence.

As such, a judge will really have a hard time determining the duration of the sentence given a crime. Most especially if these are serious ones that can affect lives of the victims and the suspect. Yet, regardless of such, in the en each judge would aim to provide a fair sentence that is due and right in accordance to the crime if it is committed or not.

Violent and Non Violent Crimes

As of September 30, 2009 there were 7.9% of inmates in federal prisons. On top of that there are 52.4$ prisoners by the end of 2008. These inmates were sentenced because of violent crimes. Looking back years ago in 2002, there are 21.6% of convicted inmates in jails. There are then 34% that has violent offenses which are tagged as serious charges. 41% of both convicted and unconvicted jail inmates in 2002 has prior offenses which are violent in nature. Then 46% were considered as nonviolent.
It is with this regard and such high statistics you can definitely see an increase with regards to the population inside prison areas. As such, from 2000 to 2008 it has increased by 159,200 inmates. Almost 60% are in fact attributed to violent offenders. In spite of an increase with regards to the violent ones, there has been a decrease of drug offenders. This has totaled around 12,400 over the stipulated number of years. The decline is not only with regards to drugs but also the length of stay of the prisoners in the jails.

Although a huge chunk of the inmate population can be attributed to violent crimes, such numbers have been constant and even declining for the past years and even decades. So perhaps you might be wondering why the increase of inmates in jails then? This is primarily because of public policy in which more cases were submitted and more individuals accused and sent to prison. In addition, the extension and the lengthening of the time spent and served by former inmates also contributed to the statistics.

Such policy was coined in order to protect the public. In a way or another they are trying to shield them from serious and violent entities that in turn yield high rates of confinement for those nonviolent offenders. In fact, nearly three quarters of those new admissions where convicted with crimes that are considered non violent. 49% of those sentenced inmates were actually held for offenses that are violent in nature. Another contributing factor to the numbers would be the continuous war on drugs. In fact, the number of individuals incarcerated with drug offense has increased way back in 1980. In 2000, there are 22% of those who are in state and federal prisons who were convicted with drug charges.

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Inmate Jail Search – Finding Inmates Made Easy
Do you have a friend or family member that you have lost contact with? Is there a possibility that he/she may be wearing black and white stripes or working on a chain gang? Do you know of a jail inmate that was transported to another facility? Using the internet to find that special inmate in your life is as easy as ordering a Hot Apple Pie from McDonald’s.

When acquiring about the location of a jail inmate it is best to use your favorite search engine. Use key words, such as the state or county. Unless the inmate is sent to prison they will usually be incarcerated in the same county that the crime was committed. If the jail inmate is sent to prison you will need to use your search engine to find the correct facility by searching in the Department of Corrections by state. Looking up inmates is a fairly simple process. You might be searching for someone who was charged and committed for a crime against you or your family.

On many occasions you are allowed to see the inmates estimated release date. This way you can prepare for the jail inmates release so that you may remain safe and secure in you life. It is important that you use all resources provided to you. You will even be able to look up the inmates charges and see if the inmate has been in trouble since being incarcerated. Once you have found the inmate’s location you will have access to the rules of the facility in which he/she is incarcerated. Inmate visitation is listed, though you must know the rules for visiting. The rules for every facility are different. So you must not assume that you know the rules.

Always search the facility’s website to find all the information you will need. Say you want to find an inmate to write to. There are lots of Inmate Pen Pal sites that will allow you to search inmates that you may write to. The bottom line is, when trying to find a jail inmate, all you need is a computer with internet access. Thousands of sites are available and most are free. Remember, inmate charges are public record. You have the right to know. Good Luck in your search and happy hunting.

County Jail Inmate Search

Do you want to conduct a county jail inmate search? Just like you may know, every county has their own jail where criminals are kept. The records of the inmates of such jails can be accessed by residents of this county because the records are classified as public records. For instance, if you are a resident of the Cuyahoga county and you want to know if your neighbor is safe to be with or not, you can conduct a series of lookup and one of them should be a Cuyahoga county jail inmate search.

This search will give you details, if the person you are conducting a search on was once an inmate. You will get to know the crime the person committed and how many years the person served as an inmate in jail. You will also find out the person has served more than one term. The more terms an inmate serves, the more dangerous they are considered to be. The truth is, it is better to be safe than sorry. Most of these criminals are just like John Woo said “Once a thief, always a thief”. If they were once convicted, in most cases, they are always convicts. It is only in rare cases that you have converts out of the jail.

Therefore, if you are about employing new workers in your business place or you are looking for some helping hand at home for your kids, you had better do a thorough research about every application that is submitted on your table before deciding on whom to employ. Since you will not be able to tell who a person is by staring at their faces, it is advisable that you take the normal route by conducting a county jail inmate search.

This search can be conducted online in just a few seconds on public record lookup directories. These directories have information about all forms of public record and you can gain access to these records by pain a yearly access fee which is no more than $20 per year. This will give you unlimited and unrestricted access into the database and you can make searches whenever and however you like from the comfort of your own home.
It is in your best interest that you make sure. Once the person is on the job, it may be hard to lay them off if there is no tangible reason. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Jail Inmates Can Still Exist

Though you are alive in jail as jail inmates, you don’t need to be afraid that you cannot survive any longer. You have to think positively that you can do many things though you are in a jail. Paris Hilton can be a good example as she has become one of jail inmates who have been survive.

So, you don’t have to be worried if you cannot survive because other people can pass it successfully and this is possible can be happen in your life. There are some steps that you may follow if you become one of jail inmates who have committed with crime. Just learn how to pass your time in jail by doing good things until you get your chance to be free.

For the first step, you must give your respect to other jail inmates. This can help you away from enemies. You have to be careful when you face your fellow prisoner. Don’t ever string at them because they will have a wrong perceptions on you.

Everything that you do in jail must be in a good manner. Though, you find something wrong happened in front of you, just pretend as you don’t care about it because when you snitch to a fellow officer and jail inmates, you have been stepped in a danger position. Being public’s enemy will be not good for your future.

The power works in prison, that’s why you have to entrust yourself to the right person who has the power around it. Don’t be attracted to the first person who offers you protection. Though it will be hard to pass the time in prison, you have to raise your spirit to keep survive. You have to better yourself as a human being while spending your time in this place.

You have to keep your physical health by showering, brushing teeth, shaving, and combing hair. Besides that, you must preserve your mental health by believing in yourself, avoiding worrying things and leading a spiritual life with praying and doing meditation.